About Me

Xolani Baloyi is a researcher, transformational speaker, MC and an Entrepreneur. His an advance speaker at the toastmaster program an organization that focus on leadership and public speaking.

Xolani is a natural speaker specializing in Personal Development, Workplace cultures and Employee Engagement. His transformational talks are filled with practical tools that will have a positive impact on your habits. His delivery style keeps his audience on the edges of their seats. His ability to turn employees into leaders makes him stand out. His able to synchronize, the employees into the vision of the company. He strongly believes that ubuntu must be the key foundation that holds the employees and companies vision together.

His had the privilege of speaking to employees from Jet store; Ackerman’s just to name a few about the educational opportunities within the sector and how to close the skills gap that still exist. Xolani has also spoken to high school students and also created a platform where students can be exposed to different careers.


Xolani Baloyi focuses on building working relationships, and he goes beyond just doing business. Xolani will meet with your team, and analyse the working environment get a sense of employee engagement and work place culture. This will help to tailor the presentation.


  • Keynote presentation
  • Brainstorming session


  • Keynote presentation


  • Brainstorming session


Xolani doesn’t believe in motivation he believe in transformation, he doesn’t believe in delivering presentations, he believes in delivering a message.

1. Just Become
Jim Rhone said “success isn’t supposed to pursue but attracted by the person you become”. We’ve been conditioned to chase our dream, it could be starting a business, or career or maybe climbing the cooperate ladder. Pursuing will get you tired, frustrated even depressed. The more you pursue, the more that which you pursue drifts away.

Becoming is tapping into your core your authentic self. Becoming is the awakening of the highest form. This is when you attract; BOOK me to hear all about it.


Xolani’s has made the commitment of serving people, by creating platforms that will give people the opportunity to empower themselves. Xolani doesn’t believe in giving back to the community, he believes in serving the community.

Xolani’s working on projects that will be launched soon, so keep following to know more, the launch of the projects will be posted on his website and all social media channels.


For bookings and rates please contact me.


084 557 3218